Simulator of NS5GT or NS208 or JUniper Networks devices

  • hi to alll
    hope u all will be in the best of your health.

    Me Hasan

    Can any one help me finding out some simulator of Juniper Networks devices

    or Some Juniper Router M10i , M320.

    Please i would be thankful to you.


    Hasan rauf

  • olive is only supported on free bsd 4.1 and above.

    if u are well versed with linux then go ahead with it.



  • hi all
    I am very grateful for your prompt response.

    I will be very thankful to you if u provide me some information about FREEBSD and after that…would i be able to do a lab with more than 2 routers of Juniper…?

    has any one used OLIVE ?
    If yes please can you provide some screen shots ?

    Would it be able for any one to prepare a Simulator of NETSCREEN FIREWALLS…?

  • there is no hardware emulator for juniper netscreens. however the olive cannot emulate the hardware but yes it can let u boot a junos on a freebsd and let u work on junos routing. it does not boot any hardware it makes the junos works.

    for netsreen i guess they are having specific asics which cannot be emulated.

    one requires very good skills for emulating the hardware. once the hardware is emulated u can boot any os into it.



  • Engineer

    Ah, i forgot about that - it’s via Ingram I think:

    so you need an account with Ingram (as a Juniper reseller)

    It’s physical hardware AFAIK - not an emulator.

  • Juniper has a virtual lab available through their webpage, however, i think you have to have a partner account to access it. having played with them a grand total of 30 seconds, i can’t give much statemen on how good they are. However, it does appear to provide all the commands/functions as if  you are at least consoled into an SSG device.

  • Engineer

    Hi Hasan,

    I know Cisco has a few resources in this area, but Netscreens are tough – custom ASICs, etc. There is something called an Olive (google “juniper olive” for resources) which will provide some JUNOS capabilities, but no hardware emulation.

    If this is for a school/educational purposes, Juniper has some programs to assist in acquiring equipment. Contact their corporate offices for more details.