Checking if NSM is alive and well

  • I was asked to restore a redhat linux box which had crashed. So, I partition the replacement HD to look about the same as the old one and restore all the stuff from the backups. I then reboot the machine and it seems to be running. Now, I receive an email from an user saying he cannot connect to nsm with his login and password from the nsm client in his XP box. Problem is the first time I have even heard of this program was about 30 minutes ago, so bear with me.

    First of all, how to test if NSM is running the way it should? Which applications should be running and which ports should it be listening to?

    Second, which log files should I check if I want to see if it is seeing the client and is at least trying to talk to it?

  • To check the status of processes run the following commands:

    /etc/init.d/guiSvr status
    /etc/init.d/devSvr status
    /etc/init.d/haSvr status

    Try looking in these logfiles: