Dial-up VPN with IP restrictions, is it possible ?

  • I can’t figure this out. I want to give some dial-up user access to only some IPs on the network. The IPs vary and not a specific block. I can’t get it working.

    The remote client security policy editor has in the “remote party identity and addressing” as ID Type of “IP Subnet” “Ip address” and IP range" but range does not seem to work and from what i read, that option is not supported, but why do they have it there ?

    Any other way to setup this up ?

  • This forum is great.

    Found a different post with a different problem and olgo made a suggestion that helped me alot.

    I had to change from policy base to route base and make new zone and for different users, assign them different IP pools and use that in the  policy to give and take access for different people

    this forum is great.