Basic config for SA2000 pls help

  • sorry if my queries is so basic, im quite new in the it world and juniper products, im just starting to configure an SA2000 with a license of 25 users only. no other license other than that. I just made a user role with WEB access on 3 different internal web server. How come when I access this site it is not on a secure http (https) but always on http only. Do I need to configure more on the SA2000? Or is it on the Web Server that I need to configure. My understanding is that any site you access via SA2000 should be on a HTTPS. Isn’t it correct? The software is 5.1R8.

    I appreciate all the reply. Thank you.

  • 5.1R8 is very old.  You should seriously consider moving to newer firmware.  5.5R1 is rock solid.

  • well i just read some of post here and i read about rewrite, i tested it and it works. i guess its so basic for all the guys here, anyways thank you for this forum, i will still have many more queries about juniper products in the future.  :lol: