Findout the top sessions

  • There is a quick way to findout the top (in bytes) sessions?
    Some time will be useful to quicly findout the top usage of the network.
    On cisco I can do this with the accounting function…

    On netscreen I’m for long time searching a command with this information.

    many thanks

  • Engineer

    Sadly at this time there is no information in regards to byte usage within the session table information.

    There are a few “hacks” you can do, one of which is say you want to know how much traffic is going to You could write a permit policy to that IP, and enable counters on the policy. Then pull that via SNMP.

    It isn’t pretty, but it’s pretty much all that is out there right now. I honestly have never looked at the firewall to tell me about the usage in bytes or bits I always use sniffers or something along those lines for those.

    Good luck!
    Tim Eberhard

  • right, that does not tell you the top talkers.
    This is a really good question. I don’t even see byte counts being logged.

  • nice tool, but I can’t findout the session bytes.