G-SHDSL on SSG 550

  • Engineer

    I am trying to setup an shdsl interface on an SSG550 running ScreenOS 6. The interface comes up physically but no traffic seems to come out. Same config on a Cisco router works flawless so clearly the issue is NOT the line or the ISP (Belgacom). I cannot ping the gateway assigned by the ISP Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is my config on the SSG:

    ns550-> get conf | include shdsl
    set interface shdsl1/0 phy operating-mode line-rate 2048
    set interface shdsl1/0 phy operating-mode loopback local
    set interface shdsl1/0 phy operating-mode loopback remote
    set interface “shdsl1/0” pvc 8 40 mux vc protocol routed  zone "Untrust"
    set interface “shdsl1/1” pvc 8 35 mux llc protocol bridged  zone "Untrust"
    set interface shdsl1/0 ip 81.241.245.X/23
    set interface shdsl1/0 route
    set interface shdsl1/0 bandwidth egress mbw 2048 ingress mbw 2048
    set interface “shdsl1/0” pmtu ipv4
    set interface shdsl1/0 ip manageable
    set interface shdsl1/0 manage ping
    set interface shdsl1/0 manage ssh
    set interface shdsl1/0 manage ssl

    ns550-> get shdsl 1 0 vc-info
    –----------- ScreenOS PVC LIST ------------

    shdsl1/0        8    40    Routed VC

    ns-550-> get int shdsl1/0
    Interface shdsl1/0:
      description shdsl1/0
      number 8, if_info 8064, if_index 0, PVC 8/40 (VC, rfc1483-routed), mode route
      link up, phy-link up/full-duplex
      vsys Root, zone Untrust, vr untrust-vr
      dhcp client disabled
      PPPoE disabled
      PPPoA disabled
      admin mtu 0, operating mtu 1500, default mtu 1500
      *ip 81.241.245.X/23  mac 0012.1eab.b388
      *manage ip 81.241.245.X, mac 0012.1eab.b388
      route-deny disable
      pmtu-v4 enabled
      ping enabled, telnet disabled, SSH enabled, SNMP disabled
      web disabled, ident-reset disabled, SSL enabled
      DNS Proxy disabled, webauth disabled, webauth-ip
      OSPF disabled  BGP disabled  RIP disabled  RIPng disabled  mtrace disabled
      PIM: not configured  IGMP not configured
      NHRP disabled
      bandwidth: physical 2304kbps, configured egress [gbw 2048kbps mbw 2048kbps]
                configured ingress mbw 2048kbps, current bw 0kbps
                total allocated gbw 0kbps
      DHCP-Relay disabled at interface level
      DHCP-server disabled
    Number of SW session: 63955, hw sess err cnt 0

    Here is the equivalent on the Cisco:
    controller DSL 0
    mode atm
    line-term cpe
    line-mode 2-wire line-zero
    dsl-mode shdsl symmetric annex B
    line-rate auto
    vc-class atm vbr2Mbit
      vbr-nrt 1950 1950 32
      encapsulation aal5snap
    vc-class atm vbr1Mbit
      vbr-nrt 950 950 32
      encapsulation aal5snap
    interface ATM0
    no ip address
    no atm ilmi-keepalive
    interface ATM0.1 point-to-point
    description –-SDSL line 025555555 —
    ip address 81.241.245.X
    no snmp trap link-status
    class-int vbr2Mbit
    pvc 8/40
      protocol ip broadcast
      encapsulation aal5snap