Loss of client local network once connected to VPN

  • Hi,

    Had a look through the other thread but could not find anything else on this so desperatly hoping that someone can help me out with this.

    My compnay uses Network Connect to allow us to RC with our desktop machines whcih all works very nicely I must say, however I am now wokring on a client site (on their machines) which was a worry at first but managed to get it to connect most of the time to the VPN (sometimes get the nc.windows.app.23792 error message  but not all the time which does not help)  anyway when I actually manage to connect I then loose all my connections on my local machine to the clients network which means that I can not print anything out or such, I also find that after about 3 or 4 minutes my RC seems to freeze (although have also noticed that this does not happen if i do not sure the disk drives through the RC).

    Can anybody offer any advice on how I can best do this I need to get this sorted as this is the start of a 6 month cponsultancy and it will drive me up the wall….  At first I thought it might be a firewall isseue but since it lets me through sometimes I dont think that is the case.  Are there any settings in JNC whcih force all connectionts to go through the JNC connection instead of the local where possible, and if so is it possible to change these settings?

    Eagerly awaiting any suggestions…


    PS I have noticed when I connect via the clients VPN from out of the office it all works perfectly well, it just doenst like it when I am on their site - don’t know if that makes any difference to anyone!

  • The option would be set by the IVE Administrator for the role mapping that is granting Network Connect.  It is set on the Juniper device to be enforced on the connecting client.

    e.g. The Juniper admin sets the Network Connect options for role “Contractors” to “Disable split tunneling”.  When the you, the contractor, connects using Network Connect, all traffic generated by your laptop/desktop will be sent through Network Connect, to the network on the other side of the IVE.

  • which end would the options to not allow split tunnelling be set? at the host or client end?

  • From the Juniper docs for that error code (looks like you’re running 5.4):

    “You may need to uninstall and reinstall your computer’s Java Runtime Engine (JRE). If your \Documents and Settings folder is encrypted, you will need to right-click on the folder and select Properties. Then, you need to click the Advanced button, uncheck the option to Encrypt contents to secure data, and click OK.”

    BTW, to answer your other question:  You can have set network connect options for a specific role to not allow split-tunneling, which would force all traffic through the IVE.

    Make sure you’ve read through:

  • oh right sorry. just using the remote assistance package which is on windows XP… works quite well normally, but that doesnt seem to be the problem… it seems to be caused once the JNC connectes

  • I mean, PCAnywhere, RDP, Timbuktu….

  • Juniper Network connect 5.4.011529

  • What are you using for remote control?