Odd problem on NS25

  • Hi,
    NS25 with firmware ver 5.0.0r8.0
    scenario : ext-user–>–internet–>--ns25–>-mip->-ftp-server

    ext-tuser can ping, https into ftp server… i can see these packet on the flow filter on the netscreen. user cannot ftp into server, (ftp running and listening on port 21)
    even on flow filter i cannot see these ftp connections logged onto the ns25.

    soon as i change the listening port on the ftp server to say (70) and allow port 70 through on the same rule as the ftp rule… user can then ftp succesfully onto the ftp-server on port 70.

    have tried the enabling/disablign statefull ftp inspection also… no luck.

    could this be a possible bug within FTP connections on this firmware?

    thansk in advance.

  • If you do not see these ftp connections on debugs then maybe they are getting blocked before they reach the NS25.  Might want to snoop for port 21 traffic to confirm if NS25 is receiving any traffic.  If not check upstream for any firewalls or ACLs.