Internet ISP Failover / load-balancing

  • I have a 5GT which I would like to use for

    1. Failover
    2. Load-balancing

    in order of priority i.e. if load balancing is not possible am not bothered.

    I have read the forum and found few posts saying its possible, but doesnt explain how. Guess it shows my noobness.

    Also if it is possible the scenario would be , i have two links from seprate isp and both plugged on my 5GT. one isp fails i want the other to take over and route all requests thorugh the second link.

    a. So my question is how do i do it?
    b. Will the web and mail server continue to serve the request made from untrust.
    c. When the primary link comes up will it take over the second link automatically or second link continue to be primary?

    thanks in advance.

    K  :mrgreen:

  • Have you read through the C&E Guides?  They are on the Juniper Support website under technical documentation.  If not then I would start there.  There is a volume for High Availability which discusses what you are attempting to do.  Also look for ECMP for load balancing options but know that ECMP is basically round-robin and not true load balancing.