NS-25 Radius with SSH

  • Hi there…

    I currently configured a Netscreen 25 to authenticate admin users via Radius Server but the connections aren’t being authenticated. The following message error is logged after trying to connect via SSH:

    SSH: Admin ‘<my_username>’ at host A.B.C.D attempted to be authenticated with no authentication methods enabled.

    The authentication via Telnet and Web Interface is working fine…

    What can be wrong?

    Best regards…</my_username>

  • Hi Guys,

    I got same problem. I am not able to access via SSH with Radius Authentication. If using web access is success. Below is my system details

    Netscreen 500

    Is there any bug for the OS?

    Thanks & Regards

  • OK guys! Thanks for helping me!

  • Engineer

    Just to add to Tim’s comments, 5.0.0r8 was a really bad release.  Recommend you upgrade to the latest 5.0.0, which is 5.0.0r11.

  • Engineer

    ScreeenOS 5.0.0r8 has a bug in it that will not work with Radius. Upgrade to 5.0.0r9

    per the 5.0r9 release notes:

    Here is the bug entry.

    02986 – SSHv2 with RADIUS authentication failed to authenticate external
    users properly.

    02044 – An operation using SSH version 1 to access the device failed when
    using Radius for administration authentication.

  • The Screen OS in use is 5.0.0r8.0

    The configurations related to Authentication follows:

    set auth-server “Local” id 0
    set auth-server “Local” server-name "Local"
    set auth-server “Radius” id 4
    set auth-server “Radius” server-name "RADIUS_IP_ADDRESS"
    set auth-server “Radius” account-type admin
    set auth-server “Radius” timeout 0
    set auth-server “Radius” radius port RADIUS_PORT
    set auth-server “Radius” radius secret "RADIUS_SECRET"
    set auth default auth server "Local"
    set admin ssh port SSH_PORT
    set admin auth timeout 10
    set admin auth server "Radius"
    unset admin device-reset
    set admin privilege get-external
    set admin format dos

  • Also what ScreenOS version are you using?

  • Hi,

    can You please post the config, so we can check the settings?