Network connect and Linux - strange error

  • Hello everybody,

    I am trying to connect a linux box (a Red Hat Advanced Server 2.1AS) to a VPN with the network connect from a command line.

    I followed various instructions to get it working (especially those I found on Marc Liyanage’s blog, and everytihng seems ok, but when I try to connect with ncsvc I get an error.

    Here’s my command line:
    ./ncsvc -h vpn.remote.ip -u my_user -p my_password -r Realm -f certificate.der -L 5

    When I run it I only see:

    Connecting to vpn.remote.ip : 443

    and then it immediately goes back to the command line.
    This is what I have in the ncsvc.log:

    20071005170706.470971 ncsvc[8351] New ncsvc log level set to 5 (nccommon.cpp:75)
    20071005170706.472456 ncsvc[8351] Connecting to (ncsvc.cpp:453)
    20071005170706.580563 ncsvc[8351] dsclient.para DSClient::authenticate(): user:my_user, password:… realm:Realm (dsclient.cpp:172)
    20071005170706.582823 ncsvc[8351] http_connection.para Starting a timed connect with SSL session 0x816bb08, proxy 0:0, and timeout 30 (http_connection.cpp:162)
    20071005170706.582854 ncsvc[8351] http_connection.para Entering state_start_connection (http_connection.cpp:275)
    20071005170706.626062 ncsvc[8351] http_connection.para Entering state_continue_connection (http_connection.cpp:292)
    20071005170706.627139 ncsvc[8351] http_connection.para Entering state_ssl_connect (http_connection.cpp:456)
    20071005170706.686523 ncsvc[8351] dsssl.para SSL connect ssl=0x816c270/sd=4 connection using cipher RC4-MD5 (DSSSLSock.cpp:783)
    20071005170706.686940 ncsvc[8351] http_connection.para Returning DSHTTP_COMPLETE from state_ssl_connect (http_connection.cpp:464)
    20071005170706.686973 ncsvc[8351] state: kStateSignin (dsclient.cpp:201)
    20071005170706.687074 ncsvc[8351] –> GET / (authenticate.cpp:136)
    20071005170706.715718 ncsvc[8351] http.para content_len = 1898 (http_requester.cpp:752)
    20071005170706.715834 ncsvc[8351] DSHttp.debug state_reading_response_body - copying 1898 buffered bytes (http_requester.cpp:779)
    20071005170706.715893 ncsvc[8351] <– 404  (authenticate.cpp:168)
    20071005170706.715948 ncsvc[8351] state: kStateWelcome (dsclient.cpp:209)
    20071005170706.715973 ncsvc[8351] dsclient.error state welcome state failed, error 2 (dsclient.cpp:211)
    20071005170706.716195 ncsvc[8351] ncapp.error Failed to authenticate with IVE. Error 2 (ncsvc.cpp:188)
    20071005170706.716280 ncsvc[8351] dsncuiapi.para DsNcUiApi::~DsNcUiApi (dsncuiapi.cpp:72)

    Does anybody have any suggestion about this?

    Thank you very much for your help.


  • Hi Guido,

    I am facing the same problem you had 6 years ago. Did you have the problem resolved?

  • Thank you,

    but that link explains how to use the GUI. I already managed to have the GUI working, I would like to make the NC work from the command line.


  • I did some help howto for getting it running on suse 10.
    Maybe this helps?,5003.0.html