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  • hi folks,

    today i got 2 j2350 with ahem unknown junos version… i think it might be 8.x.x… but i do not know. how can i check the version of the junos (i know it might be a silly question, but i did only some work with ssg till now… those babies are my first juniper routers^^)

    thx in advance


  • ok, thank you, i think that’ll help me

  • JUNOS-ES begins with 8.5R1. There is a KB which sort of describes the difference between the ES version and regular version:

    In a nutshell, JUNOS operates as packet-based forwarding (router) with no transit traffic security by default. JUNOS-ES operates as session-based forwarding (stateful-firewall). That means traffic is always denied unless explicitly permitted. So unless you need the device to function as a firewall and VPN device, you should run regular JUNOS.

  • hehe, now i got web access (i’m in a net where the online spoken routing protocoll is eigrp, so i had to configure some static routes^^)

    now another version question… does anybody know something about the junos es release? i think version 8.4R1.13 is not the release i mean, am i right?

  • omg… i just figured out, how to do…

    i was stuck in the edit mode… but it is in the top level (sh vers) argh
    btw: it reminds me of cisco g