Lotus Notes Ver 8

  • Has anyone had any joy getting Lotus Notes ver 8 working through the IVE.
    I believe it requires a client in order to run for the web interface??

    Please feel free to divulge any info below as I can’t get it to work :?



  • Just out of curiosity, how exactly are you setting up your bookmark for users?  We’re using Domino Web Redirect so everyone goes to the same URL, but is then prompted to enter in their Notes username/password (which can be different from their AD username/password that they use to sign into the SA2000) and is then redirected to their individual mailbox.  Is there some way to set up a policy in Central Manager so everyone bypasses the Redirect database and goes directly to their inbox?  Better yet, is there a way to bypass the different credentials that is required with Notes?

  • Managed to get to the bottom of the issue surrounding being unable to connect to the Lotus Notes server correctly.
    The IVE ships with a default SSO policy wich needs to be disabled if you are using different credentials to login to LN.

    Disabled the policy and it works like a dream


  • The device is running 6.0r3, the client wants to just have a bookmark to the web front end of notes rather than connect in using WSAM or NC, previous versions of Notes seem to be able to accomplish this but following the juniper ‘How-To’ for these versions doesn’t work.

    Any ideas gratefully received 😉

  • I run Notes 8 thru the SSL VPN, runs fine using Network Connect.
    Not sure what you mean about the Web interface. I am using the fat client for Notes.

    What code are you running and how are you connecting (WSAM, Java, NC)?

  • Did you get any response for this I have to look at something to do with the new version next week  😛

    Happy New Year