Juniper 5GT with 2 ADSL and WAN LOAD BALANCE.

  • Hi Guys,

    The story is that I had only one ADSL.  The Juniper Netscreen 5GT was initializing the PPPOE connection of the ADSL.  Now we’ve got 2 ADSL and and WAN BALANCER.  I need to know how to configure the Juniper NEtscreen 5GT to accept these two connection since there the two ADSL will be connected to the WAN load Balancer and only one UTP cable will go on the untrust port of the Juniper.

    Could someone help.


  • Global Moderator

    If you have a public range both isp’s are routing to (prob not) you choose route. Otherwise NAT. In last case you can get in to trouble with outbound HTTP to sites with adresscookie tracking, because your multiple http sessions in one browsing session might come from two addresses.

  • Thanks for the reply,

    am not so expert in Juniper.  Actually how will I route or NAT it on the WAn balancer.  Suppose My juniper is 192.x.x.x, actually on the WAN BALANCER there is three modes, GATEWAY,BASIC NAT And ROUTER, which one to choose and how to make the wan balancer route or nat as gateway.


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    Easiest way I think is to let the wanbalancer just route or NAT and configure it as your default gateway, no sweat on the juniperside of things!