5GT and registering

  • Hello all,
      Well, I “won” my 5GT in a drawing at a Avaya sales Conf, but I register it without a problem. But I can’t seem to get any way to download to update the OS. Do I have to call Juniper to get access??

    Thanks for any direction you folks can supply!

    O/S 5.0.0r11.1 Firewall/VPN

  • If you have forgotten your password, find a console cable and login with the serial number as the login and password.

  • Have you tried logging in via the CLI?

  • Thank you Max and everyone else for the replies.
    Would it be possible to run the NS5 as a DMZ if you will and still run the Netgear behind it as the DHCP server etc…

    Also I have another NS5GT wireless that I simply can’t get into. I have reset it to factory defaults, but I can’t login  in the GUI. I tried netscreen/netscreen but nothing…any ideas on this one??

  • One more comment

    I understand the reasoning behind upgrading to the latest version of code. But in general I always recommend upgrading to the latest version of the branch of code you are on. Upgrading from 5.0.0 to say 5.1.0 or higher generally gets you newer features and such. But upgrading to say 5.4.0 just for the sake of it may not always be the best thing to do.

    So unless there is a feature you absolutely need in later branches of code, there is no real need to upgrade to them. As long as you are on the latest ‘R’ release of the code then that should be OK. 5.0.0r11 is the latest ‘R’ release of the 5.0.0 branch.

  • The 5.0 code train is very stable, unless you need some of the features of 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 or 5.4 there is no real reason to update the code.  Keep your 5GT and use it, we run hundreds of 5XT’s and GT’s on 5.0.0r11 code and they work fine.


  • Nope, I guess it’s fine. I have always upgraded to the newest code on the items I get, even the ones I get free from a Juniper drawing at the Avaya sales meeting…I just assumed I would be able to put the newest code on it….I will go back to Netgear, at least I can get the current code with that product. Anyone want to buy a brandnew WAY out of support 5gt??

  • Just a comment.

    Why can’t you use the 5GT with ScreenOS 5.0.0r11? It should still work very well compared to a home firewall solution. At least all documentation is freely available online (see my signature below). From my experience, although 5.0.0 code is no longer under Engineering support, it is still pretty stable. Is there a particular feature you needed in the newer releases?

  • Well I found out that my box shipped from Juniper in 06, so if I want to upgrade to O/S I will have to buy a support contract. So for a free box, I have to pay to update it…sounds kinda funny huh…I like the way it works, but looks like I will go back to my older( but update-able) home firewall solution…bummer 😞

  • Hello,

    You need a support contract.  You can contact JTAC Customer Care and provide them with your serial number.  They should be able to determine if it has support or you need to renew it.