SA 6000 SSL Acceleration - box won't stay checked

  • I check the box, the IVE reboots…. and the box is unchecked again!

    This occured in version 5.X and 6.9.

    Any thoughts?

  • I had the same problem.
    The SA 6000 does not need a license.  JTAC actually told me that that was my problem when I initially opened a ticket on it.  After trying to buy one my Juniper SE assured me that one does not exist.
    With that said, I was able to get my box checked.
    JTAC thinks that I was enabling it on the non-leader member of the cluster and it was getting over written by the leader after a reboot.  I don’t have the luxury to reboot it constantly so I wasn’t able to do an extensive troubleshooting session. I made sure and enable it on the leader and it took the setting…running 6.0R1 btw.
    The box is checked now but I’m not getting any feedback from my users that it’s any faster.  I’m thinking it was on the whole time and that the check box is purely cosmetic probably a carry over from the SA4000 where you need a license to turn it on.

  • My SA6000 box is checked fine (5.5R2). I’d open a ticet with TAC.

  • It’s an SA 6000, which, as I understand it, doesn’t need a license.

    This problem was happening in IVE 5.x and still occurs after the move to ver 6.0R1 (I’ve let them know that this release is not supported.

    Possible h/w issue?  Would the event log tell us if the hardware isn’t initializing?

  • What type of SA device is this? 4000 or 6000?

    If it’s 4000 you need to make sure you have the license for acceleration. If it’s a 6000 or a 4000 and you do have the license, well then this will get interesting.  🙂