What is BGP peers limit on SSG140 and NS204/208 ?

  • Does anyone know what is limit for number of BGP peers on SSG140 and NS204/208 platforms  with ScreenOS 5.4.x ?

    I found in one of release notes for ScreenOS 5.3 that limits were increased for following

    On the NetScreen-5GT Series, NetScreen-5XT, NetScreen-50 devices, the number of BGP
    peers increased to 10

    But what about 5.4 ?
    Anyone hit the limit yet ? 😉

    Thanks in advance,


  • wow ! Thanks a lot.
    I didn’t know the command.


  • If you run the “get sys-cfg” command it should list what you are looking for. On my 204 running 5.0.0r9.0 code show 16 max BGP peers.

    max BGP instances number: 3
    max BGP peers number: 16

    On a SSG-140 running 5.4r8 I get
    max BGP instances number: 6
    max BGP peers number: 24

    On a SSG-5 running 5.4r8 I get
    max BGP instances number: 4
    max BGP peers number: 16

    I hope that helps!


    On a SSg-5 running 5.4r8 I get

  • I would also upgrade to 5.4r8 when you get the chance. I think 5.4r3 was withdrawn but 5.4r5 onwards was a really where we started to consider this ready for production. Hopefully ScreenOS 6.0 will reach that stage soon…

  • my SSG140s are on 5.4r3 , I’ll keep this thread updated - next week plan to use 8 peers at least.

  • You’ll need to experiment or contact JTAC or your SE to get the BGP peers on the NS204/208 - I’ve never seen this documented. Interesting news on the SSG140 with ScreenOS 5.4. What release of 5.4 are you testing with and what’s the max you managed to get? I actually need this info too and I’m hoping for at least 10 on ScreenOS 5.4r8.

    The specs for ScreenOS 6.0 also say that there is only 4 BGP peers for the SSG140, 320, 350 however I had heard this will be fixed in a later ScreenOS release (the SSG5/20 can support 16 peers so this really doesn’t make sense).

  • Thanks, found that for SSG-140 - only 4 peers, which is weird as NS5GT has more…
    And it isn’t true - I just tried that on one of my SSG140s:

    er1(M)-> get sys | in Product
    Product Name: SSG-140
    er1(M)-> get vr tr prot bgp nei
    Peer AS Remote IP       Local IP          Wt Status   State     ConnID Up/Down
          1          100 Disabled IDLE           0 23d;18:56:24
          2          100 Disabled IDLE           0 23d;18:56:24
          3          100 Disabled IDLE           0 23d;18:56:24
          4          100 Disabled IDLE           0 23d;18:56:24
          5          100 Disabled IDLE           0 23d;18:56:24
          6          100 Disabled IDLE           0 23d;18:56:24
    total 6 BGP peers shown

    In case of NS204 I haven’t found any mention of number of peers.
    May be I’m blind, could you point me, where exactly:

    NS204/208 specs:
    NS204/208 datasheet:

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    It’s in the factsheets on the juniper web……