View ethernet stats on interface?

  • I’d like to know the usage of a specific interface. I have an SSG5 on the line, have set the bandwidth (no traffic shaping going on), enabled reporting, but still don’t get any info when I check the stats in NSM (right-click the device, “view statistics”).

    I don’t want anything fancy, just to know what the current usage is on this line. For example, when someone calls and says, “Why is it so slow”, I can connect in and see that it’s at 95% utilization, and go from there.

    Any idea what I’m missing?

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    And if you want to view them from statistics:

    Go to device with gui  -> configuration ->  admin -? nsm

    Check box ethetnet statistics and the ethernet statistics will be put to nsm.

  • That did it!! Thanks a bunch!

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    I forget the ketword counter so the syntax is:

    get counter stat int <int>This command you can run from “troubleshoot device”</int>

  • Hrm, get stat int b0 gives unknown keyword at “stat”. (The SSG5 is running 5.4.0r1.0, is that a 6.0 command?)

    No big hurry.

    Thanks for the help!

  • we use an external Tool “cacti” (RRDTool –> I’m very satisfied with the interface reports!! Cacti has a lot of predefined for Juniper.

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    I’ll look in to it later, but meanwhile you can this:

    go to devicelist
    rightclick on your ssg
    select roubleshoot device
    enter get stat int b0 or any other statistic you want for the device.

  • I’m not sure what you mean.

    I’ve noticed something else, though. When I go into the statistics screen, it’s showing stats for bgroup2, which is down. I need it to show for bgroup0. Is that a setting somewhere in the NSM? Or in the device itself?

    My other 5GTs show for the trust interface. That works since it’s in use. On teh SSG5, bgroup2 is not in use, hence no data. So how can I change which interface it’s reporting for?


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    Sorry, troubleshoot device, rightclick on device in devicelist and the option is in the list.

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    try debug device and enter the cli command