Netscreen 5gt ADSL cable

  • I am using my 5gt with an ADSL modem. The modem is getting kind of old and I am beginning to think it is flaking out. I have misplaced the cable that shipped with the 5gt for the ADSL port. Does anybody know if it is a regular straight through cable? Or is it something different.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Do you have the correct settings for your ISP? I have AT&T which used to be SBC Yahoo!. Depending on your ISP, try follow the info here:

    Also you likely are using PPPoE. If so then this is also required to be configured before you will ever see adsl link up. If you still have issues, then you may need to contact your DSL provider and find out how the ADSL interface should be configured.

  • I tried that once but I guess it was the config that was wrong. How did you get yours to work?

  • I use a regular 4wire telephone cable to connect my 5GT-ADSL to my home phone line. I actually have my box about 15-20 feet away from my actual phone jack, so I couldn’t use the 5GT cable anyway. I used a 25’ regular phone cable I bought at Radio Shack. Works fine.