DX - Health Checking

  • Hello everyone,

    I am having some trouble with the health checking feature, when I enable Connect Check (L4 Health Checking), everything works fine. But when I enable Request Check (L7 Health Checking), the L4 health checking fails but the L7 works.

    When I go to statistics, L4 fails and L7 passes. Is that the normal behaviour of the DX?

    Apreciate your input,


  • Global Moderator

    I’ll have to simulate that, but that could take a while! Anybody else how can check this?

  • Thanks for your reply. The thing is L4 Health checking is on by default, you cannot disable it. You can only enable/disable L7 health checking (or ‘request check’ as the WEBUI calls it)

    L4 health checking (‘connection check’) works fine, but when I enable L7 health checking, and I got to statistics, I c that all L4 has fialed but L7 has passed.


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    Not standard How could you pass layer7 traffic if layer4 can’t?  Double check for typos in IP addresses!