Never connected, waiting for 1st connect

  • Hi guys,

    I just installed an IDP 50, with os version of 4.0, since Im new in IDP I just followed all the step by step procedure in Installers Guide (IDP and NSM). My problem is even though I already add the device in the NSM Server, the status is still CONNECTION STATE: Never Connected, CONFIGURATION STATE: Waiting for 1st connect.

    Validation State is valid but still i cannot get the device to work via NSM Server. What seems to be the problem, I follow all the steps in the Installation Guide, but in the installation it supposed to be detected by the NSM Automatically. Import Device is grayed out so cannot push or activate a config on the device.

  • HI Again,

    Maybe someone can help me on this error message

    from GUI Server

    03/27/2008 14:47:09.927] [Warning] [36160432-nsDirectiveMgr.c:7570] Failed to retrieve deviceobjsvr [0] in domain [SYSTEM]
    [03/27/2008 14:47:09.935] [Warning] [36160432-nsDirectiveMgr.c:7239] isDeviceInSyncPending(0, 7239) failed
    [03/27/2008 14:47:10.830] [Error] [7541680-soConfigDbDeviceFuncs.c:5570] onDirectiveCompleteCallback
    [03/27/2008 14:47:23.984] [Warning] [36160432-nsDirectiveMgr.c:7570] Failed to retrieve deviceobjsvr [0] in domain [SYSTEM]
    [03/27/2008 14:47:23.984] [Warning] [36160432-nsDirectiveMgr.c:7239] isDeviceInSyncPending(0, 7239) failed
    [03/27/2008 14:47:24.830] [Error] [7541680-soConfigDbDeviceFuncs.c:5570] onDirectiveCompleteCallback
    [03/27/2008 14:47:27.890] [Notice] [3802816-nsGuidNspServer.c:1031] nsGuidNspServer Constructed.
    [03/27/2008 14:47:56.238] [Warning] [36160432-nsDirectiveMgr.c:7570] Failed to retrieve deviceobjsvr [0] in domain [SYSTEM]
    [03/27/2008 14:47:56.239] [Warning] [36160432-nsDirectiveMgr.c:7239] isDeviceInSyncPending(0, 7239) failed

    From Devioe Server

    [03/27/2008 14:17:57.881] [Warning] [7541680-nsStatusRedirector.c:3532] StatusRedirector initiated, ready to server requests
    [03/27/2008 14:17:57.881] [Warning] [6980528-nsDdNspServer.c:1961] device daemon started successfully
    [03/27/2008 14:17:58.105] [Error] [6722480-nsStatusRedirector.c:3264] DDDD status: group 22  interface 5
    [03/27/2008 14:17:58.106] [Error] [6722480-nsStatusRedirector.c:3264] DDDD status: group 22  interface 5
    [03/27/2008 14:18:59.401] [Error] [6980528-nsDdNspServer.c:826] No dds for device id/domainId : 15/1
    [03/27/2008 14:19:00.133] [Error] [6464432-nsGuiClusterMgr.c:386] No Guicluster provisioned
    [03/27/2008 14:46:00.136] [Error] [6722480-bbHash.c:692] could not find element to remove from hash!
    [03/27/2008 14:46:00.136] [Warning] [6722480-nsStatusRedirector.c:3053] bbHashRemove
    [03/27/2008 14:46:00.184] [Error] [6980528-nsDdNspServer.c:826] No dds for device id/domainId : 15/1

    I also try to add a firewall on the same NSM but no success, Im suspecting the NSM.

  • Hi Frac,

    Thanks for your reply, I can ping the IDP’s IP on the NSM Server when I’m in our network, Just to isolate the connection problem, I even connect the NSM Server directly to the Sensor’s management port (using cross cable), delete and re-add the sensor in the NSM, still the sensor cannot connect, waiting for 1st connect. Port 7803 is the port I configure on the Sensor, plus the IP of the Linux Server where the NSM was installed.

    The adding process has no problem, it even get the correct Fingerprint of the Device when I connect via SSH (I verify it via console). But towards the end it prompt that the Device must be imported manually. But since the Import Device is grayed out, I can’t do anything.

    I even tried to execute the command displayed on the Admin Tab manually on the Sensor using Console. (the scio commands with the device id on it). But still I cannot connect on the device.

    did I missed something in my configuration?

  • Engineer


    seems your idp can’t connect to NSM. check following settings:

    • can the idp ping the NSM ip?
    • is port 7803 open on firewall for nsm? (idp uses 7803 in stead of 7800)