WX50 High Availability

  • Hi,

    I have two WX50 : one on my datacenter (WX-A), and one wx50 on my client site (WX-C).
    The WX50 are used only for compression.

    I want to put another WX50 (WX-B) in my datacenter in order to have a high availability.

    I wanna know if it is possible to configure a failover between the the WX-A and WX-B ?

    The tunnel will pass from WX-A to WX-C in a standard configuration, if the WX-A failed, the tunnel will be automatically mounted between B and C.

    Could you help me ?


  • Configure 2 of the WX’s to be the primary and secondary registration servers.

    You should probably do a hub-n-spoke config with the remote side being the hub.

    This is what I would do if the data center WX’s were inline:

    Under the GUI menu Compression -> Advanced (of the remote WX)

    Here you can do Load Balancing (which is possible since you are only doing compression), Preferred Decompressors and Default Decompressors. Take a look at these options. I would  do Preferred Decompressors if you advertising the same subnet(s) behind the two WX’s with the same cost. When you set up the 2 WX’s in the data center they will both display equal access to the LAN subnet(s) in the data center. With Preferred Decompressors you enter the WX you prefer to handle the traffic. You can load balance between the two as well. Careful how you enter the two data center WX’s into the Preferred Decompressors into the remote WX. Read the instructions on the GUI page noting how it looks at the WX in the order they appear in the list.

    If you aren’t doing any load balancing, set that feature to Off and make the WX you want to handle all the traffic as the Preferred Decompressor in the remote WX. Add the backup WX as the next decompressor on the list.


    You can also do default decompressor option, monkey around with routing costs and there are off-line options as well.