Secure Virtual Workspace and MS Terminal Services

  • I’ve searched the forums and cannot find anything related to my problem. I’ll first explain my current configuration: I have an SA4000 configured to run host checker prior to login to map the user to the proper realm depending on domain membership. This part works great and puts non-domain machines into Secure Virtual Workspace. The problem I’m running into is a Microsoft Terminal Server licensing error that only pops up in SVW. I thought the problem was related to some type of communication issue between the host machine and the SVW, but I have yet to find a remedy for my problem. The error I receive is “The remote session was disconnected because of an error related to licensing in terminal server. Please check the EventViewer on the Terminal server.” Of course, the event viewer on my TS doesn’t have any error related to this connection, as it seems the client is never even coming in contact with the TS. Again, I don’t have this issue outside of SVW - and I’ve got Desktop Persistence and Registry Editor enabled in my SVW policy. I also have all custom applications (*) allowed to run.

    Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated.


  • Did you ever solve this problem? We experience about the same errors on some Windows 8 clients, but not on all.