SMTP: Text Line Too Long

  • Whats the actual number of lines does a disclaimer have before its being tagged as

    smtp:text line too long…

  • Well, simply put… emails with text-lines over 1000 characters break the RFC.  You should decide wether you allow it on your or your customers network.

    If you have SpamAssassin 2.64+ or no SpamAssassin on the network, your probably safe to disable this rule.

  • Some users are sending attachments if this is enabled on the IDP NSM Policy…all users sending messages external or internal were being blocked.

    How you guys managed to get this over with…any tips?

    My client is complaining how to deal with this SMTP Text Lines

    thank you

  • This was one of the ones that I turned off straight away - very noisy on SMTP rules.  If you’re not running SpamAssassin I would just turn it off.

  • From the SMTP RFC (2821):

    text line
          The maximum total length of a text line including the <crlf>is
          1000 characters (not counting the leading dot duplicated for

  • I think they refer to a text LINE which has too many characters before a new line (CR/LF). According to the attack object database it is an exploit for certain SpamAssasin versions (pre-2.64).

    You could check the SpamAssasin 2.64 release notes to see what has changed.