Does Wx support High-availability

  • Hi,
    Does wx support any form of High-availabilty?
    What about having 2 WX in central hub site sitting in front of Juniper firewall active-passive cluster (NSRP). Can the 2 wx at hub be configured as registration servers ? What will the configuration for the branch office wx(spoke site) be? can it be configured to connect to 2 registration servers? And finally in such a senario, how will the wx forward traffic to the active firewall in the nsrp cluster? Should both the wx and netscreen ports be connected to a switch so that they can reach each other or each wx be connected to each netscreen? Hoping for a reply. Thanks

  • Hi,
    Thanks for the reply.
    I would like to know, in which screen do i mention the secondary registration server. Do i mention it in the primary registration servers? or do i mention it in each client wx. Can you tell me, which menu option it is located at?
    Thank you.

  • I have a Juniper white paper on integrating NetScreens and WX’s that you might find helpful and another on high availability WX configs. Juniper no longer has them posted on their web site so if you send me a message through the forum with your email (I think you can do it privately) I will send it you directly.

    First, you should really have the WX’s behind the NetScreens. I see that you had an earlier post about that already.

    Second, the registration servers are not as important as you might think. Almost any WX can be the registration server, it does not have to be a hub WX. The registration server just holds the topology info for the WX community - IP addresses and serial numbers for the members of the community (the group of WX’s that are accelerating traffic amongst themselves). Other WX’s is the community can be secondary registration servers. I think you are confusing registration server with hub WX.

    In your config, what you probably want to do is have the remote site be the hub and the two data center WX’s be spokes. The hub will have tunnels set up with each of the spoke WX’s.

    Each WX only has 2 Ethernet interfaces - the Remote (connected to your WAN, router, etc.) and the other, Local, connecting to your LAN. So if you will need a switch for your requested config.

    Read the white papers and afterwards you may want to do a meshed config verses hub-n-spoke or off-path WX’s