Client to j2300 vpn dial up

  • Hey

    we have a lan network that works fine and now we need to connect a new computer not in our compeny.
    we put a designated E1 cable for it and connected two j2300 on both end of the E1.
    one of the demands is that the computer will have the same ip as my internal network.
    I want to apply it by configure a regular windows VPN dialer on the new computer and by that to make an ip sec tunnel
    from the computer to the j2300 that is in my compeny.

    can i do it with the windows dial-up??
    do you have documentaion to direct me to form configuring the j2300 for my perpose??

    Thank you very much

  • thank you but we managed to get a solution by making a layer 2 vpn connection bestween a port on the router in our company and a port on the other router.
    and it works fine 🙂

  • My brother tries this to dial up, and it works. I really do not know how he has done it. It that time he does not tell the answer to me, he said figure it out by yourself but until now I still do not know. I will make my brother tell this to me, so I can help you.