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  • Hi, I am looking to improve how we use the support meeting function, Can anyone advise if this is possible please.
    I would like a shortcut on my desktop to a support meeting so when on the phone to a client I can give them a URL and they go straight to this support meeting.
    On the URL I would like to automatically enter the support meeting ID, ie the URL would be a simple one like rather than

  • I must be dense today, how does this generate a static url?
    Using the MySecureMeeting feature is nice and all but the url is still far from static with the following variable url:
    https://xxx.yyyyy.zzz/meeting/[my name]/
    We have several support staff who want to use this but our users are just going to get confused if we ask them to enter our usernames in the url. Using a common account with the name “Support” works only for one instance at a time.

    Uh… :?

  • You don’t want to use the “standard meeting” you want to use “My SecureMeeting” in which case the user can have their own standard URL. Under roles.

  • check out the option for

    MySecureMeeting (users have a personal meeting URL)
    A personal meeting URL is like a personal meeting room with a fixed address, where users can start a meeting on demand.

    although not a “support” meeting, you can do all the same functions through a regular meeting.  Infact, when I want to do a “support” meeting, i generally just do an instant meeting and call it good.

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    Try creating a meeting room for user creating the session!