Juniper Polo Shirts???

  • Hey guys,

    It all started a year ago when our company sent us to Sycamore to train on their SONET switches.  When we left, they gave us all Sycamore shirts.  One Thursday, 5 of us came in wearing Sycamore shirts and decided that for now on every Thursday will be Sycamore Thursdays.  Ever since, we’ve been wearing our shirts on Thursdays.

    We later thought of the idea of Cisco Tuesdays, but the idea hasn’t been completed yet because the shirts aren’t free and now that we have to purchase the shirts, we can’t agree on which one to buy.

    To my question.  We all just finished the OJRE and AJRE classes with Juniper. We originally planned to see if we could find some at the Juniper school, but they ended up just sending an instructor to us.  A few of us are searching for Juniper shirts, preferably black.  I’ve searched all over the NET and couldn’t find anything.  In fact, Juniper seems to be some type of female clothing.


  • Suggestion 😃 It would also be nice if there is a Juniper sweater.

  • please can any body tells what are the career scope of juniper in networking ???

  • That was true, I think it will require a lot of passion, It will be very difficult to get promotional items. Female clothing are very easy to get.

  • request it, see if they let you in. 🙂

  • Ok, I see what you mean now.  There’s a totally different partner page.  Says I don’t have permission and would have to request permisison if I feel it is something I should be able to access.

  • Maybe I’m on the wrong site.  I’m here,
    I’m not sure what type of account I have.  We do have a lot of Juniper equipment, but I’m pretty low on the totum poll over here.  Wish I could buy it some other way.

  • On the left, click “Marketing Tools and Collateral” a page will load. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Ordering Collateral”  A new page will open.  Click “Promotional Items” on the left.  look around, all kinds of stuff is in there.

  • I logged on:

    What tab do I go to?  I couldn’t find Collaterial or anything that says promotional items.

  • Cool.  Let me see if I can get online.  We’re a Juniper Partner, but I hardly ever log on.

  • Juniper uses Nike shirts.  Right now you can only get blue off the web site.  Personally, I like the blue better so that is no big deal to me.  I have seen them in red and a lighter color of blue also.  If your company is a Juniper Partner, then you can get on there and order “Collateral”  The shirts are under “promotional items”

    Nike Golf FitDry Polo - Blue with White Juniper Networks Logo (XL)
    Price: $29.95

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    I was gonna say thay also have sweater, but hey Hawaii, what good is a sweater to you?  Just mail the sales or take a look at the partner site, maybe you can order there. I’m wearing JNCI shirts (and swearters, you know about dutch weather?) and order them where we order courseware.

  • Nah, don’t see us having more than 5 vendors any time soon.  If we do, we’ll just stick with the top vendors.  I live in Hawaii, I don’t think I’ll have a chance to attend a quarterly update.  Do you think I should just email a rep?

    I actually found a guy on ebay that makes the t-shirts, but we can’t wear that kind of stuff to work.  Polo shirt or dress shirt only.  I also noticed that he made some grey Cisco polo shirts, so I shot him an email to see if he would make a few Juniper ones as well.  Only problem, they look pretty cheesy.

    I also found a long sleeve blue Juniper shirt on ebay.  Only one though, so it wouldn’t really work.  I might get it myself though, represent!!!  I think the JUNOS guys are work will get a kick out of it.  I’ve always been the Cisco guy, but since the OJRE and AJRE, I feel I can do both.

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    What happens when start supporting more then 5 vendors  ???

    Realy attend to a quartly update and ask a sales rep.