Invalid username or password

  • Hi!

    I have a problem which occurs randomly.

    This is what happens: User signs in with correct credential, browser shows host checker “Loading components” and after that user gets kicked out from the IVE with error message “Invalid username or password”. Logs show absolutely nothing just “User Limit realm restrictions successfully passed for user”, “Primary authentication successful for user from 82.181.76.x” and then nothing.

    We use LDAP authetication, but this also occurs with Local Authentication. Policy Trace shows that authentication was successful.
    Host Checker checks for Machine certificate.

    We’re using 6.2R3.1 and I running out of ideas.

    Anyone have had similar problem or anyone have any ideas?


  • Hi Antti,

    I have a similar problem with RSA authentication and a MAG Juniper 7.2R6. I use AD like primary authentication method and RSA like secondary method. AD always works but sometimes RSA not. There is no error messages in RSA server neither in MAG Juniper. When I look at Juniper log, last message showed is something like " Primary authentication successful", but nothing about secondary authentication !!!. User gets “Invalid user o password”.

    Did you resolve this problem?

    Thanks, regards.


  • Divide and conquer - turn off HostChecker and retry. If you’re using IE try Firefox.
    And Wireshark.

  • HI!

    That’s the strangest thing. No I don’t have “no-roles” message and I think that the message for no roles is “your not allowed to sign in”.
    I just dies.


  • Hi,
    are you sure that there is nothing in the log. When this occurs at my sa I see the log entry: … no roles (I am sorry but i do not remember the generated log exactly).
    Do you have entries like that in the log?