NSM 2009.1 Xpress web interface 404 error

  • Has anyone upgraded an NSM Xpress to 2009.1 and found that they can connect to the web interface on a TCP level but pages are not available due to 404 errors. I’ve seen a change of admin to administrator on the kb but neither work.

    Just wanted to check if this is a bug or if I have a specific issue with this upgrade.

    Thank you.

  • ooops. Yes thats cracked it. Just re-read this forum post and realised you had already said it was administration. Think its time to get my eyes tested ;o)



  • it’s /administration not /administrator. Just read the getting started guide.

    Good luck

  • Hi

    I’m also having the same issue. I have tried using /administrator and it still gives me a page error. I can connect to the gui using just its ip and download the correct UI client. I can also log into the UI client just NOT the web gui. Is there any logs which I can look at to maybe assist me in locating the problem?



  • Starting with 2009.1 the admin WebUI has a new path: try https://<ip>/administration . I ran into the same problem while trying to install this on a customer site and was slightly pissed, because I reinstalled it three times (offline and online installation) and removed the proxy in yum.conf, until I realized that juniper is not able to make a simple redirection from /admin to /administration. Why have the changed the path anyway?


  • Hello,

    I’m not sure if this will help you, but I ran onto the same issue so I’ve decided to re-install 2007.3r1 from the backup partition and download and execute nsm2009.1r1_servers_linux_x86.sh afterwards, instead of the upgrade file. I no longer have the 404 errors (I can login to the /admin URL), but it seems that, (and after I’ve changed the super password again), there are db issues which probably cause the client to stop in “loading data” … 😕

    Sample of profilerMgr.0 here:

    [09/28/2009 18:46:11.165] [Error] [17644464-nsReceiverCommon.c:1153] populateAppTable: Config Db query failed
    [09/28/2009 18:46:11.165] [Error] [17644464-nsProfilerReceiver.c:1705] profilerReceiverThread: nsDataHandlerInit failed, trying again
    [09/28/2009 18:46:16.169] [Notice] [17644464-nsReceiverCommon.c:529] loadDbSchema: Successfully loaded schema
    [09/28/2009 18:46:16.170] [Error] [17644464-nsConfigDbUtils.c:55] nsQueryConfigDb: Result query is a failure Error running ‘select’
    [09/28/2009 18:46:16.170] [Error] [17644464-nsReceiverCommon.c:1153] populateAppTable: Config Db query failed
    [09/28/2009 18:46:16.170] [Error] [17644464-nsProfilerReceiver.c:1705] profilerReceiverThread: nsDataHandlerInit failed, trying again

    And guiDaemon.0:

    [09/28/2009 18:50:21.386] [Error] [65043376-nsSetDbMgrUtils.c:151] Error executing ‘select’ request: NS_SETDBMGR_MISC_ERROR
    [09/28/2009 18:50:26.391] [Error] [65043376-nsSetDbMgr.c:4857] nsSetDbMgrGetTupleName(SYSTEM, domain, 0, 0*) failed
    [09/28/2009 18:50:26.391] [Error] [65043376-nsSetDbMgr.c:1081] resolveDomainInQuery failed
    [09/28/2009 18:50:26.391] [Error] [65043376-nsSetDbMgrUtils.c:151] Error executing ‘select’ request: NS_SETDBMGR_MISC_ERROR