Patent litigation

  • hi,

    I’ve heard that Juniper has a patent litigation in Washington D. C., when I checked it, I found that  the litigation is about the current forwarding technology in Juniper’s routers .  In fact, this is what distinguishes Juniper’s routers from other companies such as Cisco. Mr. Bahattab did claim  that Juniper infringed his patent , but the court did rule that Juniper has not infringed the patent.  Also, Juniper ask the court to invalidate Bahattab’s patent, but the court has rejected this request, and ruled that the patent is valid
    I would like to share some questions and please everybody is invited to participate:

    1. According to what basis has Mr. Bahattab build his claim?
    2. If Mr. Bahattab is true, why didn’t the court rule for him?
      When I went through some documents, I found that Juniper using the same process of Mr. Bahattab’s patent.
    3. If my assumption is true, then why did such huge company do this behavior?
    4. Also, If my assumption is true, does Juniper deserve our respect while they take the others’ ideas?
    5. If my assumption is false, why  did Mr. Bahattab claim that his patent was infringed by Juniper?
    6. Why did Juniper want to invalidate Mr. Bahattab’s patent.
      I appreciate your time and participation.


  • well juniper networks haven’t infringed the patent of any company, the claims raised by Mr.Bahattab are false and self-assumed, the Washington DC court has already ruled out their judgment on this stance.