Juniper SRX 3400 by replacing SSG 550

  • we have Juniper SSG 550 at main site and SSG 20 at remote sites connecting for VPN.
    now we want to replace SSG 550 with SRX 3400. please suggest that is it feasible to use SRX3400 with SSG20 at remote sites ??. all sites (almost 250) will connect to the SRX for VPN and it will be VPN and security box at main site ……!!! remarks required for this scenario…!!!


  • dear signal15

    Thanks for your input, we are using Dialup/DSL based vpn at remote end branches.
    when branch sends data, device dial on getting interesting traffic and establish VPN to my central SSG550. Plz guide that is it suitable with SRX 3400 to replace SSG 550 with the same scenario ?
    we are on almost final stage of purchasing, so plz guide in detail of forward some link for that.
    we are planning to purchase NSM currently don’t have NSM.we are configuring and managing/monitoring devices manually.

  • administrators

    This will work fine.  However, if you are using AutoConnect VPN, it will not be able to do that.  AutoConnect only works between ScreenOS devices.

    Are you managing with NSM using the VPN Manager.