Remote access via www / port80

  • What I wanna do is connect from an internet pc via www/80 to my home server which is located
    behind a netscreen 5gt. The netscreen gets a dynamic ip from the isp.

    dyndns is already set up and working.

    Now I read all the documents and am totally confused with vip/dip/mip - don´t know what is the
    right thing to use.

    Or can this simply be set up with policy based routing / source routing?

    Thanks for any advice.

  • Good to know it worked for you.

  • ok thanks a lot for your help, it works now with VIP like described in the pdf.

  • To KISS use either MIP or VIP. PBR or SBR are not gonna help you,

    1. You can configure MIP/VIP.
    2. Configure a policy from Internet to Private ‘Any’ ‘MIP/VIP’ HTTP permit.

    NOTE: If you are using the external interface IP as MIP or VIP then before that change your management port from 80 to some other port, otherwise you would loose the Web Management access to the device if you are managing the device from Internet.

    That would sort your issue.