DHCP in different virtual-router then default

  • Hi,

    im Searching for a possiblity to assign addresses to client located in an routing-instance “Test”. Unfortunatelly I do not know how to configure it. The SRX210 himself acts as a DHCP-Server. When configuring the interface in the default routing-instance it works just fine.

    Can anybody tell me how to configure it?

    Or: Is it possible to forward the bootp packet from the routing-instance to an local loopback?

    I’d be glad to get an answer!


  • I also had the idea placing the dhcp helper - but i don’t know how to reference it to the default-vr!

  • Yeah, I was thinking you could put it in the routing-instance, but I just looked and you can’t.  Did you try setting up the dhcp helper?  I would look into this more but I am really busy today.  Sorry.

    If nothing else, and depending on what you are using the vr for, you could put the interface in the default instance and then set a firewall filter to send all incoming L3 traffic to vr.  I think that would work. 🙂


  • Hi,
    i don’t know how. The DHCP-Config ist placed into system -> services -> dhcp, or? -> there is mine.

    i have configured the routing-instance separately.

  • Did you put the dhcp config and the interface both in the routing-instance stanza?