Dual untrust multizone dmz vpn

  • We just switched from an old SGT-5 to a new SSG-20 and I am trying to set it up. on the SGT-5 it had a simple port group configuration where i could select work/home, dual untrust or combined (combined having dual untrust and work/home).
    I do not see that on this new one.
    We have 2 internet connections 1 Comcast, 1 Verizon, (does this only support failover or can i have it load balance?)
    I then need 1 connection to our network, 1 connection for dmz, then i would like 1 wireless to our network (i know the bggroups) and 1 wireless in an untrusted area for public access and then VPN to our corporate office (can VPN go over both interfaces or only one?)
    So for the main part I have the main connection to net, the trust, and the dmz.
    I changed 0/4 over to untrust but am not sure how to setup the dual untrust or if I have to.
    Thank you

  • That is perfect, I went in and set that up. Do you think I will be able to have VPN over both or will it only allow me to use one of the lines?