Checkpoint to Juniper Migration

  • Greetings,

    I’m about to begin yet another Checkpoint to Juniper migration and I’ve been looking for an easier, less mind numbing way to live through the next three months (a migration / conversion tool).

    I’ve had a look on the forum and a couple of people meantion a magic tool on this thread. I’d like to know how I can get my hands on said tool (I’m certified if it does indeed matter).,4361.0.html

    I’ve also come across meantion of such tools on the Juniper site, but alas no meantion of how to get hold of them, if indeed at all.

    Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.

    Many Thanks,

  • No they are Juniper Profession Services guys, and unfortunately that does not comes along with the stack of your hardware support.
    They are kinda costly as well, you can try talking to Juniper about getting Juniper PS guys help.

  • Marty,

    Thanks for the swift response. My next questions are who are JuniperPS and how do I contact them?

    Is there is a charge for this service, or does it come included with my stack of hardware and support? 🙂

  • Juniper PS have got a tool which thekeep very close to their heart, you would have to provide in the below details to the Juniper PS.

    1. Routing Table from CP.
    2. Zone Names that you want in Juniper.
    3. 3-4 files like Objects.C etc.

    It would give you the equivalent Juniper Policy which you can put on to your Juniper Firewall.

    Another catch here is the tool which Juniper PS have is not vey good in converting the VPN’s from Checkpoint, so for VPN’s you would have to manually configure the VPN’s, but for large rule bases conversion this tool is good enough.