Voip through client-lan vpn

  • Ok so the idea is to make a lan-to-lan vpn with voip services for a call company.
    Now I have been messing around with client-lan vpn for a couple of days on a juniper netscreen-5GT cause the second router for lan to lan doesn’t exist yet.
    So I managed to make a dial-up vpn from home to office and now I wanna get the voip working with the software “forum iPhone 535”.

    I can access the router of the office from home with vpn, but there is another ip that is connected to the phone company (I think) which contains all the phone connections. All tho I can access this IP with remote desktop from the server, I can’t find it through the vpn and seeing as this is the IP I need to give in the voip software I’m fairly certain if I could connect to it in vpn, the voip would work.

    So any help is appreciated, if u need info from the juniper ask me and I’ll post it straight away.