SSG 140 with - interface eth0/0.3270 encapsulation dot1Q

  • Hello all,

    I have SSG 140 connecting my sidies.

    and i got the fellowing configuration from my ISP to apply to my device

    VLAN>>>> 3270

    interface ethernet0/0.3270 encapsulation dot1Q 3270
    ip address 172.XX.XX.XX/30
    no shutdown

    router bgp 650XX
    neighbor 172.XX.XX.XX remot-as 65000
    no autosummary

    So how can i  apply the subint and the encap dot1q
    where as the SSG140 support subint only up to 100 and support pppoe encapsulaton only

    Thank’s in advance

  • I tried, it’s working the tag option

    thanks very much

  • i tryed it

    i got

    set int eth0/2.99 tow options

    1. encap          encapsulation type 
                                                      a) pppoe  (got only this option)

    2. tag              802.1Q vlan tag

    i’ll try the tag option  and let u know what happen

  • i’ll try it, and will let u know

    thanks for replaying

  • I don’t think it matters what the sub interface number is.

    So just try:
    interface ethernet0/0.99 encapsulation dot1Q 3270

  • hellow, no bady is here