Transfer NSM database to another server

  • hi all

    the hardware I currently run NSM on is already 4 years old and it’s performance is to low already. so I plan to install NSM on a brand new server. I’ve already got the required license stuff and now I am going to install nsm in a standalone config on the server (both DevServer and GUIServer).

    I found some articles in the KB how to backup and restore data on the same system. But are there any howto’s or procedures that I can follow to transfer the database to another server? Which directories do I have to copy and replace? do I have to take care not to overwrite any files?

    what happens to the secure connections to our firewalls, can I continue with the new server as usual or will the NSM connections from the firewalls (52xSSG5, 8xSSG140 and 2xSSG550) have to be re-established my manual action somehow?

    thanks for all hints on this

  • sure, you can find it in the URL as well…

    (see id=KB11731)

    KB ID = KB11731

    good luck 😉

    consider that if you transfer it to another machine you will need a new license. and it happens quite often that the GUI server can not connect to the DEV server caused by one time password issues, but there is another KB for that

  • @seppi

    Can you give us pls. the KB ID?

    THX, Rainer

  • ok, it’s not the exchange ID. the problem was that during the installation process the one-time password seems to change(?). what results in a password problem when GuiSvr tries to connect do DevSvr. you have to change tha password manually in the database. there is a kb entry available.

  • I got it…

    kb is working again 🙂

    now I’ve got another problem, take care if you re-import the database!! even a juniper technician told that should work it didn’t - no firewall can connect to nsm. it seems the public exchange ID has changed (even a juniper technician told me that this cause “no problem”)