Network Connect Error 23704

  • I’m recieving error 23704 time out error and have gone through all the Juniper trouble shooting steps for the most common causes (Media State Disabled/DHCP/Firewall-Antivirus) to no avail.  Error persists…any suggestions?  Our network helpdesk at my company is stumped…don’t know of any others having problems.  My machine did connect in the past with no problem, and I have gone back to restore points and uninstalled anything I have put on the computer since it worked but have no idea…

    Network Connect ver - Platform is Windows 7

  • It’s my Dell M1530 laptop that was having the problem.  We are pretty much stuck with the Network Connect client that the comapany has rolled out (, and I seem to have been the only one out of thousands having the problem.  However the good news is that a reinstall of Windows 7 (the upgrade that is non-destructive to existing settings and programs-but does copy over all system files) has resolved the issue.  Was avoiding that as the time to accomplish is signifigant.  Must have been something corrupt.  Thanks for the reply.

  • Does anyone else have a problem or just your desktop? I assume you are running 6.2R2,1 which is build 13525  (6.2R2.0 was pulled) - I don’t recognize the 13515 you said. In any case 6.2R2 should work but it’s getting pretty old now (Aug 2008) and time to upgrade to 6.%R2 (R3 dues any day) that supports Win7.

    Did you try Firefox if IE was causing the problem? I use 6.2R3 on some servers with Win7 on lots of machines with no problem so this seems to be a local issue. What do you logs say? Are you allowing UDP/4500? Any firewall?