5GT no longer works with 1.1 Amp PSU

  • Hi all

    more of a hardware question than a screenOS question.  We have a 5GT with latest firmware, and about a week ago we arrived at the office and found it was off.  We got a tempoary PSU and the device powered up, so we figured the PSU we had was broken.  We’ve now gotten a permanent PSU (previous one was borrowed) but that doesn’t power it up either.  Upon closer inspection, the original PSU, and the permanet one are both 1.1 Amp 12V, but the tempoary one which does work is 1.5 Amp 12V.

    Obviously the original one we were using worked fine for years (close to 6 years), so why is it that all of a sudden, the GT now requires 1.5 Amp to power it up ?  Nothing was changed on the device, and it’s not a 5GT-wireless.

    Anybody have any ideas at all ??

    Thanks in advance

  • You should always get a PSU that runs a fair bit higher amperage than required so it runs cooler and lasts longer.

    Your replacement PSU was the wrong side of borderline and just didn’t have enough juice - remember PSU outputs are not exact, you may well get a little more current from one unit than another, especially between different makes.

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    Have you checked the actual power feeding into the PSU is clean?  You might have low-voltage or something similar, thus requiring a higher rated PSU to make it turn on.