Config on NSM to eb sent to device on Next Update

  • Have a question when we take a Delta after making a change on the policy and in the delta it show us n-number of commands to be sent to the device on Next Update.

    First Query: -

    If I copy the same and paste that manually on the command line is that going to work ? I have observered it has loads of set and unset commands there and the device does not take the commands.

    Second Query: -

    If I have configured 10 rules on NSM, and all the objects (Address Groups, Hosts, Service Groups, Services) were already existing on the firewall database. Then

    Apart from set policy command
    Why does it again asks for set address, set service etc commands when I have not created those addresses and services they were already existing in the database?

    Can anyone clarify the above to queries to me plzzz……