DHCP relay on NS5GT where the ADSL1 int is used

  • Hi, is it possible? I need this configuration:

    set interface trust dhcp relay server-name ""
    set interface trust dhcp relay vpn
    set interface trust dhcp relay service

    Problem is that when I used the ADSL1 interface, then the option DHCP relay doesn’t exist. I am doing the HW swap, the old one device was SSG20 the new one is NS5GT. I re-wrote the old config for the new device, but the DHCP relay commands was refused. Thank you.

    PS: I am rookie in this  :oops:

  • :D:D

    unset all

    reboot box

    and configure at first:

    unset interface vlan1 ip
    unset interface trust ip
    unset interface adsl1 ip
    unset interface adsl1 zone
    unset interface trust zone

    to unbound the adsl from trust-vr (default)

    test with get zone or get route

    problem solved :D:D basic knowledge, I am shamed 😄

  • So far as I know. The DHCP server means that there will be some IP range and the hosts will obtain addresses only from this range in same subnet.

    DHCP relay means that the hosts will obtain IP’s from different subnet, and I think (maybe I am wrong) that the config:

    set int trust dhcp server-name

    means that trust interface will forward the hosts request to remote server with IP Am I right?

    So if the option dhcp relay is not available on device, then the hosts will be unable to obtain IP’s.

    Can someone explain me why this option is available on the same device where the ADSL1 interface isn’t used, there is used untrust interface and in front of device is modem or layer 3 router.