BGP filter for all but default route

  • I saw an old link on this but their was not really a response, “just add filters”

    I have been trying to add filters but it is not working. The documentation never even ties the acl and route maps together.

    I made an access list, then a route map and applied the route map on the config page for the neighbor.  I cannot seem to buildd the corrrect combo of permit and deny on the acl and route map. I tried permiting in acl 1 for the default then permiting match  on acl 1. The NS will not let me apply the routemap to the neighbor. No error, it just doesnt stay in the config when I redisplay the page.

    The only thing that worked made no sense. I made acl 2 with permit net (its a loopback in a test router that is being received in BGP). Then a deny route map using that acl.  Then after reseting the only route that shows up is the!!!

    What is the correct acl and route map combo to block everything but the default route?