SRX240 HA (active/passive) cluster with vlan tagging

  • I’m an old SSG (and NS25) user so ScreenOS.  I need HA mode but also vlan tagging as this device is part of the core routing infrastructure.  Ideally I’d like to LAG more ports into that as well but I understand this may not be possible?

    I see a newer 10.1 firmware on the support page, does that support HA mode with vlan trunking?

    (And yes I know the box can only pass 1.5 Gbps but it’s replacing some older infrastructure that is far worse)

    I’m already fairly disappointed with the SRX 240 as when I unboxed them, racked them, and issued the cluster commands they both panic’d and did not even reset themselves.  I’m not used to this, the SSG never hard locked, it always rebooted itself.

    Is this because the stock firmware (10.0r1.8) panics when clustering is turned on with a “virgin” config?  I assume something in there dealing with the ethernet switching?


  • Thank you very much mw!

  • Hi Junacer,

    Ethernet switching is not supported on the SRX in cluster mode. You can still do Vlan tagging but only a cross one port.

    I asked the same question, my thread can be found here:

    P.S I wouldn’t use an SRX in cluster mode anyway, they’re so unstable it isn’t funny.