STRM - How to turn on SNMP

  • Im just wonderin how to turn on snmp on strm…

    or does it already open?

    i want my strm to gather snmp packets from snmp enabled devices.

    pls help


  • Which type of information and additionally from which type of device(s)?  I know you can easily turn on SNMP for spying of STRM itself, however I in the morning not conscious of any system for directly importing SNMP information directly into STRM.  If or when indeed there is syslogging available, or some kind of Netflow/Jflow information you can easily export from all the device(s) concerned, then which needs to be fairly very easy to bring directly into STRM.

  • devices like cisco routers/switches. snmp was already turned on from those devices…

    im not sure if this is included during the syslog profiling on strm…

    how can i check if strm is receiving snmp messages?

  • What type of information and from what type of device(s)?  I know you can turn on SNMP for monitoring of STRM itself, but I am not aware of any method for directly importing SNMP data into STRM.  If there is syslogging available, or some type of Netflow/Jflow data you can export from the device(s) in question, then that should be relatively easy to bring into STRM.