Is it possible for the ssl vpn to store the Citrix user credentials?

  • Hi, we’ve got a Juniper SSL VPN to grant access to our remote users. We’ve published some web applications directly, and some others using citrix. If a user wants to access a citrix application, he has to authenticate twice, the first to log on the ssl vpn server, and then to log on citrix. That’s a big issue for some of our users, that need systems as simple as possible.

    My question is: is it possible for ssl vpn to pass citrix the user name/password/citrix_domain, so that when clicking on the link to the citrix apps, the Web Interface opens without prompting the logon window?

    Our SSL VPN version is: 6.4R4.1 (build 14919)

    Thank you

  • Well… don’t know about this option you describe.

    But there is the option to do Single Sign On(SSO). This way the 1st username and password are automatically passed to the citrix server credentials. Perhaps this is what you want…