Minimum bandwidth guarantees on a common WAN connection

  • Hello,

    Apologies in advance for a basic question in an expert forum.

    We have 3 business units who will be sharing a point to point WAN connection. The WAN connection is of 200mbps bandwidth. We need to be able to provide each BU with a minimum guarantee of 65mbps with the ability to scale up to the full 200 mbps if no one else is using the connection.

    If only one BU is transferring files they should get access to the full 200mbps.

    Should a BU start transfer of files they should be provided their minimum of 65mbps and the other BU should get their available bandwidth allotment reduced. Ideally, both BUs should get 50% or 100mbps.

    The data is being transferred using accelerators such as Aspera (SCP) or Citrix Wanscalar. Each business unit uses their own servers so the division and throttling cannot be done at the server level.

    Any advice if Juniper equipment can provide this capability on 3 or 4 internal interfaces with one WAN interface? If so which product would work best?

    Thanks very much.


  • We are looking to deploy M7i routers. So that should be compatible.

    Is there a concern in using this approach for a limited WAN pipe such as 200mbps and only a few internal VLANs or does this successfully scale down to this level?



  • IQ2/IQ2E PIC is only supported on Juniper networks M-series or Higher.

  • Hello,

    Someone has suggested that hierarchical shaping should be able to achieve this . This would require a IQ2/IQ2E PIC. with each BU being on a separate vlan.

    Does anyone have any experience in trying this and can confirm that this would work?

    I have read through some of the documentation on heirarchical shaping on the Juniper & Cisco knowledgebase and it seems that it provides guarantees upto a certain bandwidth. Would this approach allow the business unit to achieve a sustained throughput of upto 200mbps during the time that they have exclusive use or the pipe? The guarantee during that time would be for 100mbps only.