VPN Auth failed SSG5

  • Hello,
    im created a VPN Connection and alls the Certs.
    Now i was testing with Windows7 as Client from another Part of the Network (this Part is going over another PPP Device but all over one SSG5) that the VPN Target.

    Messages i become.


    WAN Miniport L2TP
    Fehler 835 Verbindung kann nicht hergestellt werden da der Remote Computer von der Sicherheitsstufe nicht nicht authentifiziert werden konnte. 
    Mindestens ein Feld des vom Remotecomputers konnte nicht als Teils des Ziels überprüft werden 
    Error 835 remote computer can´t authenticate from the Securitystage. Minimum one field on the remote computers Cert was unable to verify as as part of the destination.  


    2010-04-19 10:06:05	info	IKE Received a notification message for DOI 1 24 AUTHENTICATION-FAILED.
    2010-04-19 10:06:04	info	IKE Phase 1: Completed Main mode negotiations with a 28800-second lifetime.
    2010-04-19 10:06:04	info	IKE Phase 1: Completed for user test.
    2010-04-19 10:06:04	notif	PKI: No revocation check, per config, for cert with subject name Email=test@company.com,CN=test.01,.
    2010-04-19 10:06:04	info	IKE phase 1:The symmetric crypto key has been generated successfully.
    2010-04-19 10:06:04	info	IKE<> Phase 1: IKE responder has detected NAT in front of the remote device.
    2010-04-19 10:06:04	info	IKE Phase 1: Responder starts MAIN mode negotiations.

    Regards goodgame

  • Is there a good Dokumention to create VPN on Netscreen 6.2 on SSG5 that i can connect fom a Laptop from somewhere to an Windows Vista and 7 native VPN Client? For IKE2?

    regards goodgame